A First time for Everything…

An unforgettable day

I was doing it again. I was all hyped ,with my heart beating at the tip of my tongue. My feet tingled and pricked as though I was waltzing on a mat of thorns. I took my phone out for the hundredth time, like that would make the time go faster. When I finally saw the rickshaw which would take me on the trip to heavenly bliss , I wanted to cheer ‘hoorah!’. I practically dived into the vehicle before giving directions to the guy.  Eventually I met up with Andrea and then with two other guys whom I wasn’t acquainted with before. Andrea ordered something called a Smirnoff that everyone claimed was a vodka based drink.  She introduced me to the two guys, Keith and Ronald. Keith was an artist and Ronald…let’s say he did some sort of …art? .  Andrea got Keith to show me his works , and my my my were they bloody impressive! I found him to be very knowledgeable with a hint of healthy self respect .Ronald on the other seemed to be an airhead who was really good at lightening the mood. Did I tell you I was washing down on Old monk and Pepsi that whole time? Well now I have. I don’t remember doing much after that….except for eating a little chicken. I don’t know…everything seemed funny to me. And it wasn’t because everything was in particular..it was just this idea that things weren’t in my control anymore , and the cozy feeling growing inside me just like when I was a kid, when I was the responsibility of some adult whom I trusted , or just surrounded by folks who wouldn’t abandon me.

Anyways, in order to convince myself that I was actually drunk, I made them ask me a couple of questions , and BOY were they good at it! Then we ate more chicken and the three smoked cigarettes. I don’t quite remember what followed next, except for the crappy piano music that was killing my mood.      

Soon we were joined by a few more people..was it three? Four? I don’t remember. See? This is the best thing about drinking! I have finally found a way to let loose and have fun without keeping track of any variable…..However, no amount of drunkenness (is that a word?) can make me lose track of the money being spent. That’s something I am proud of. Apparently all those songs about drunkards, booze and drunkenness( somebody pass me a thesaurus) are not really nonsensical after all. I remember talking about astrophysics at some point and then about magic and illusions and I don’t know what the heck I was spewing out.

I was pretty against the idea of drinking in the first place let alone sloshing the booze in my mouth . But now that I have done it, it feels a bit strange…and good. Of course, I don’t recommend drinking(that’s only ‘cause I puked twice before getting home or else this would’ve been a whole different article).

I don’t really know how to conclude this piece of writing, which again is strange to me. Maybe not everything requires an ending. Alcohol sure has ruined the lives of many, but I know that’s only when people go overboard and get drunk for the wrong reasons.  All that abuse and carelessness amounts to nothing. Civilizations collapse, people die, people kill, women are beaten, children are orphaned but at the end of the day , the people responsible for these happenings are either dead, dying, missing, or just sitting there, loathing in their own disgusting worthlessness, trying to put the blame on somebody else.

Alcohol shouldn’t be administered as an everyday escape method, to the stress we undergo everyday. Of course , everybody has problems, all of us get angry and are prone to doing things that we’ll regret , but that doesn’t mean we need to put all those innocent people who are tolerating you in the first place in jeopardy. In my case, Alcohol made me see a new side to my own personality. It taught me how to make new friends. It taught me that it won’t hurt if I break away from worrying and have a good time once in a while. 

Alcohol is not the solution or the cure to everything. Look at it like it’s a painkiller. Let’s say you have diabetes and you fuck up one o’ your limbs so bad , you need to get it amputated . Now, If you look at the limb as the problem , then any sane person would agree to get it removed surgically as that’s the solution. An idiot would say that he’ll ignore the pain and survive on painkilling drugs for the rest of his life. Alcohol is only something that eases the effect that stress has on our bodies for an awfully limited amount of time. When you live alone and you’re with trusted companions and you know what you are doing , go ahead, have a good time. If you live with old people/women/children , you better get your drunk bum to bed and put the lights out like a good boy .. and if you’re someone who takes out your frustration on your folks just because you don’t have the balls to deal with the problems , which you’ve dragged your sorry ass into , then I have one thing to tell you , “ GO HANG YOURSELF!”

LOL. I mean , at least you won’t be that much of a drunk miserable nuisance anymore…

After all, like they say….a first time for everything!

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