Let’s talk about Superpowers


gray dry tree illustration

Superpowers. Are they just enhanced abilities  that only a lucky few can acquire or are they more innate in nature, buried within each one of us, just waiting for the right trigger? In today’s world, where the preference to make-believe content far surpasses any attention paid to ground  reality, the first scenario makes the big bucks.  If you watch movies, you know exactly what I am talking about. We all know deep inside that each one of us is imperfect. Yeah, sometimes we speak openly about them, but most of the time we fail to accept ourselves as we are. No wonder we are so quick on our feet to judge those around us. What sort of an ability would you choose for yourself ? The power to manipulate the forces of nature? To make time your servant? To read minds? The list is endless. Of course, why wouldn’t it be? With the given intellect we possess being the most intelligent mammalian species that has ever colonized the planet we are still stuck with dreaming about what we lack ,rather than what we can accomplish with the resources we already have. So, have you decided yet? What superpower would you want? It’s probably something that could make it possible for you to fulfill a lost dream, a selfish one. Oh no, don’t get me wrong! It could be possible that you have a noble deed in mind; I’m just addressing the majority of adolescents out there who’ve been turned into delinquents because of certain circumstances or bad peers. Our emotions as social beings are very fragile, this is proved more than often by our eccentric reactions to the unexpected state of affairs that life puts us through. We tend to be partial when we are asked to choose what or whom we would save in times of crisis. This is natural. Sometimes we are forced to put ourselves under hypothetical circumstances in order to know more about ourselves, to dig deeper into our personality, and more often then not we are left questioning ourselves  “How can we be any different?”

Great souls have set foot on this land , dreamers and doers alike. Most importantly, they gave their all. Some shed their blood, some saw their kin being slaughtered like sheep, some gave up all their personal pleasures, some gave up their own goals, the news of a thousand such never saw the light of day…What kind of superpower do you think they had? Do you still think you need to be special in order to accomplish things of great magnitude? Spend a few seconds of your “precious” time and think about how easy or hard your daily life is. How many times have you adopted technologies in order to save more time and yet found yourselves loitering around the place? The worst part about this is that today, we are using ALL of resources to make humanity lazier and lazier in the name of productivity, without even realizing it. Teenagers today would rather binge watch a whole TV series than feed their hungry pet. They’d rather play for hours, sacrificing their health and sleep than say “Hi” to their friends in real life. No, a little entertainment won’t hurt anyone. But seriously? Would you choose “curing” your boredom over addressing serious matters which require your immediate attention?

Look around you. Yes, right now! Tell me how many electronic devices you’ve surrounded yourselves with? Go on count them. You probably have some to help you  counter the weather , a heater or a cooler a fan or a conditioner(depending on what time of the year you’re reading this), or you might have a clock on the wall or a watch on your wrist(depending on where you are), you might have a phone lying in front of you or in your pocket or backpack  , if you still don’t know what I’m getting at, look closer . You have complete mastery over your environment, how you eat, how you solve problems,how you travel, how and what you breathe, it’s all right in your hands. You might have been really excited before getting these things to aid you in your daily life, you might also have spent many an hour having a good time exploring the new Gizmos , yet you realise  sooner or later that the excitement does not last. Don’t you think even superheroes go through the same hell? All their abilities and all that strength robs them of their right to perish, and on their shoulders they are expected to carry the burden of the entire planet, and when something goes wrong, they are the first ones to be blamed. Now tell me, do you still think superpowers are cool? Good for you! ‘cause hey! You are the one emptying your family’s hard earned money after all.

Hmm, what would I choose for a superpower if I could? I would choose the ability to grant powers to other people! Hey, wait a minute, that would just overthrow every other argument I just made! But just think about it..Being able to grant the power to love, the power to empathize, the strenght to forgive, the will to keep moving, the power of persistence, now THIS is a list I like. After you are done reading this article, no matter where you are or what you are doing , I need you to take a break and step out of your mediocre regime and just ask yourself the following questions:

1.What have you been missing out on?

  1. Have you fallen prey to your ego and failed to compromise with someone close to you?
  2. Have you had the urge to do something that your gut told you was the most sensible thing to do , yet you ignored it?

These questions will come and go, sometimes they’ll catch your attention, sometimes they’ll pass right under your nose without you realising it. But that’s not important. It’s more than enough if your eyes are open to truth.What counts is the thought to make a change..so are you ready to become a superhero?


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