The Story of Creation : The Mother of all Mankind. III

The sun rose like it would everyday just like the Lord had said. It shot its rays here, there and everywhere else , and wherever they fell, creatures of the day from birds, squirrels and bears to grand Elephants and Rhinos , came to life who otherwise would be in deep slumber. Owls retreated back into their cozy abodes and bats returned to their caves while plants and tress rejoiced as they were bathed in the warm light radiating from the early sun. The sun shone on another creature too. A being made of dust cast in the image of the creator himself. Yes. Man.

He did not need a companion, or so he thought… What did he even need one for? Food? His Father had planted fruit trees for him, water? The rains from the heavens and streams quenched his thirst. Companionship? He had tigers and wolves and bears to do his bidding. Why did he need them? He does not know, but something still nudges him, every hour of the night making him feel lonely, and yearn for contact. He was very disturbed indeed. heart racing, he walks casually towards a hot spring, fed by thermal sources underneath, resting upon a glassy surface , his path lined with round, smooth pebbles. He didn’t care that he was in his birthday suit, ’cause where he stood, he was the master. The monkeys jumped from branch to branch, chattering and gossiping , it almost sounded like they were calling out to him saying “Adam! Come play with us! “. He flexed his aching muscles in the soothing water, washing away pain into oblivion, he had started to drift off to sleep and he peered his eyes open just to make sure he wouldn’t drown. But little did he know, it was the Lord God himself who was lulling him to sleep. He had seen his child yearning for a companion, yet unable to ask. The Lord God , being the loving father he was, thought that his child should not be alone anymore and that he would make a suitable helper for him.

Of course, God had made Adam name all the animals of the world, but during that time, no suitable helper was found . He then realised that there couldn’t possibly be a better helper for the Man , than another of his own kind.

So while Adam was asleep, The Lord God tore open his chest and took one of the ribs. He closed the wound with flesh and then proceeded to grow the rib into a living woman.

When Adam woke up, he was met with a pleasant surprise! There stood before him, the most beautiful creature he had seen since his time on Earth. She resembled him in a number of ways and something urged him to feel protective towards her.

Then he declared:

“This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman’ for she was taken out of man.”

And that is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

Though Adam and his wife were both naked , they felt no shame , for the Lord God had created them in the way they were.

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